6 Easy Steps To Promote Music on Facebook & Twitter

We all know how important Facebook and Twitter can be to developing a deeper connection with your fans.   What’s not as obvious is what are the best ways  to use social networks  to promote your music or a new piece of merch, get new fans,  and turn those  ”Likes” and “Follows” into  music sales.  That’s why we created the new Roundtrip Promo Tool, which walks you through the process of promoting your music or merch on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

With Nimbit’s new Promo Tool, it will take you just a few minutes to set up a promotion and best of all, the Promo Tool  will automatically follow up for you with any fan who takes advantage of the promotion.

Check out how easy it is to set up a promotion:

Nimbit Promo Tool Step-by-Step

Click the image see how easy it is to promote yourself.

6 easy steps to Promote Music on Facebook & Twitter with Nimbit’s Roundtrip Promo Tool  

  1. Choose any product from your Nimbit catalog to promote and set whether you want to give it away for free, or sell it at a discount or full price.
  2. Add a link to an optional personal message or music video.  Don’t have a music video or professional video equipment? No problem, you would be surprised at how effective a video of you talking to your fans, filmed only with your phone’s camera can be. It seems more real.
  3. Set the store where you would like the promotion to redeem, this can be your Facebook store, nimbitmusic.com store, or any other URL you have your store embedded.
  4. Choose the time you would like your optional follow up thank you message to be sent and add the text of that message.  You can choose to have the follow up sent the next day, the next week.
  5. Set the date when you would like the promotion to expire
  6. Click in this section to send the promo out on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Remember on Facebook you may want to click this twice to send to fans of your band/musician page and then also send again to your personal friends.  In this area you can also generate links and promo codes for email and download cards,and get the embed code for a widget to put on your website.
Here’s what your fans and friends will see on Facebook
Music Promotion on Facebook Wall

Fans can watch the video, click to get the promotion, like, comment, and share with friends

Fans and friends will see a personal message from you, a video (if you embedded one) and a link to access the promotion.  Please ignore the fact that the only people  who commented on my post were my mom and girlfriend :)

Here’s what your followers will see on Twitter

Music promotion on Twitter

Promotions on Twitter feature your personal message plus a link to redeem the promo

Here’s what an embeddable widget will look like

Fans click the link and the promotion redeems in your store
Nimbit Promotions Redeem in-store

Fans can preview the product,  click the link to get the promoted product or shop more

BONUS: When fans checkout they can leave additional support
Fans can leave additional support

Fans can choose to leave you additional support with every purchase or free download

With every purchase or free download on the Nimbit platform, fans are asked if they’d like to leave additional support . We’ve found 1-in-20  purchase on the Nimbit platform receive a tip averaging $7.80.
That was easy. Now try it yourself
Log in to your Nimbit Dashboard and click Marketing to set up your own promotion.

4 thoughts on “6 Easy Steps To Promote Music on Facebook & Twitter

  1. elizawatson642

    Especially for successful and interactive promotion,Social media are being used now a days.Here is a good review to promote music on Facebook and twitter by following few simple steps.Before uploading any video in Facebook,I will definitely consider above mentioned steps and apply for posting it successfully.

  2. John Burrus

    Still surfing options for a combo site that brings musicians (or students of music), business options, and potential customers together! So, we can meet and practice or create sounds, do promos and offer services or products at reasonable rates, and get some advertising and interest going at the same time! Rent-A-Bod is my company name. Might be controversial for ‘uptights’ from the Bible Belt, or N. Africa (which is why Europe is making immigration harder and harder whether America likes it or not! Wisdom is not always welcomed by all !) So, “Rock On, Y’all !” Another year or so, and I’ll be up and runnin’! See Ya’! jb.

  3. Deangelo Stride

    Facebook is really good place to promote musics, I knew it because of I’m helping musicians to promote their musics on Facebook. And I’ll definetly keep in mind those tips when I promote my clients musics, thanks for sharing!

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