#PreSonuSphere Video: Six Keys to Musical Prosperity with @bobbyowsinski

With 21 books to his credit, covering recording, music, and social media, Bobby Owsinski is the kind of guy that you should listen to. After all, you’re a musician reading a blog post, right? Trust me, you are this guy’s demographic. Bobby was kind enough to swing through Baton Rouge for PreSonuSphere, where he gave an incredible […]

Drum Corps International Launches Nimbit Store

Our friends at Drum Corp International  just launched their Nimbit Store on Facebook!  Just in time for the holidays, you can get DCI’s Silver Bells: A Drum Corp International Holiday Collection, which boasts percussive, marchy interpretations of yuletide melodies from time immemorial, with a peppering of  some more contemporary numbers. At a hefty 24 tracks, Silver Bells boasts an undeniably thorough selection of […]

Music Production Show 2013 Offers Incredible Seminars! Nov 29 & 30, Islington, London

It’s only a couple weeks until Islington’s Emirates Stadium roars to life with MPS2013 on November 29 and 30!  The Music Production Show is the UK’s leading recording and technology show. In addition to a vast exhibition all filled with the latest gear from myriad manufactures, attendees are also privy to an outstanding seminar series where […]

How to Legally Sell Recordings of a Cover Song

How to Legally Sell Recordings of a Cover Song Your new speed metal version of “Purple Haze” is about to be released. Of course, it will be available on your Nimbit® store, and it’s going to make you rich and famous. You suspect you should get the rights to use the song. But you’re not […]

Nimbit Store Setup

Can’t sell music without a music store, right? Right. Let’s take a look at how to set up your Nimbit store. In it, you can sell much more than just music, you can sell t-shirts, hats, tickets, signed vinyl, DVDs, or any custom piece of merch you can imagine. Sign into Nimbit and click the […]