How to save money on music sales with PayPal Micropayments

Singles SmallerThese days, opinions vary wildly when it comes to the album format. Some may think it’s a vestigial throwback to the original vinyl era, and that online distribution has rendered the album format obsolete. Others find artistic merit in releasing a batch of songs arranged in a carefully-chosen track order that stand as a cohesive body of work.

Both of these mindsets are legitimate, and the world is big enough for both. We’re neutral on the matter—we just want you to get your music out there the way YOU want it to get out there! So, for those of you who are more interested in releasing singles, we thought you should know about the option of PayPal Micropayment accounts.

Leveraging a PayPal Micropayment account will allow singles-focused artists to enjoy a lower commission from PayPal—meaning more money for you! If the majority of your transactions are under $10, you should consider opening a PayPal Micropayment account. Here’s why:

A normal PayPal business account charges 2.9% + .30¢ per transaction.

  • On a $10 charge, typical of an album sale, the PayPal service fee is .30¢ + .29 = $0.59 
  • On a .99 charge, typical of a single sale, the PayPal service fee is .30¢ + .03  = $0.33

A PayPal Micropayment account charges 5% + .05¢ per transaction.

  • On a .99 charge, typical of a single sale, the PayPal service fee is .05¢ + .0.5¢  = $0.10


If your average sale is less $10 or less, you will keep more money and pay lower service charges with a PayPal Micropayments account. If you’re interested in switching to PayPal Micropayments, You will need to open a new PayPal account at the following link:

Once you have the account, change your payee address in your Nimbit profile to this new account. That’s all it takes to start making 2/3 more money on your singles!

For more PayPal payment info, see:


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