Learn How to Fundraise Your Next Project with Nimbit

April 29, 2014


Dave Coffin

So, you've got great songs, and a lot of amazing fans, but you need more funds to really fulfill your goal of making the best album possible. We know that your fans want to help, all you have to do is create a way for them to financially support you. The Nimbit platform will help you leverage your fans' loyalty by giving you the tools to raise the funds you need and bring your next project to life.

How To Do It

You can combine the power of your Web Profile, Store, Fan List and Marketing tools to get the job done. There are a number of ways you can do it... lets explore a couple.

Use the Contribute Feature in the Shopping Cart and Send Out a Promotion

The Contribute Feature gives fans the opportunity to contribute money when they are redeeming a free song, or purchasing an item from your store. Artists are averaging between $4.50 and $7.00 more per order with this feature. Here is a way to benefit from this feature:
  1. Create a new promotion for a track off one of your albums, and set the discount to 100% off (making the track Free) and post it to Facebook and Twitter. Let everyone know that if they add a contribution (or tip) it will go towards the new album.
  2. Use our Email Marketing tool to create an email and send the same promotion to all the fans on your email list. Include the promotion you just set up and make sure to let them know you're raising money for a new project, and all contributions added to the order will go towards it.
  3. Make sure to send a thank you to everyone who redeems your song!

Fundraising Levels

You can use Merch products to create Fundraising Levels.
  1. Create a bunch of Merch products signifying levels of support. For example, create a product called "Street Team Supporter" and set the price to $10. In the description, describe what they'll get if they purchase that Merch product. Create a bunch of different levels, for $50, $100, $500 etc.
  2. Use our email tool to send out a blast about your new project. Include descriptions of all the levels of support.
  3. When your project is done, fulfill all the orders in the Orders section of the dashboard and mark them all as shipped.

Pre-sell Products

If you're fundraising for a specific album or product, you can create the product in your account and start taking sales immediately.
  1. Create the product in your account, and explain in the description that this is a pre-sale item. We recommend estimating a ship date.
  2. Add stock to the product in your account.
  3. Send out an email to your fan base explaining the pre-sale, and what they will get for purchasing it (for example, a signed copy when its completed).
  4. When your project is done, fulfill all the orders in the Orders section of the dashboard and mark them all as shipped.

There are tons of ways to use Nimbit to fundraise your next project, you just need to get a little creative.