Introducing Email Marketing

April 29, 2014


Dave Coffin

Email Marketing is the best way to keep in touch with your fans. Keep them informed, keep them engaged, and keep them interested. You can use our Email Marketing tool to send out news blasts, automate event reminders, and target specific fans.

With our easy to use email editor you can create beautiful HTML, mobile ready emails to send to your fans. You can create an email using our simple editor with tons of formatting options, or you can use custom HTML to build your own templates. Preview how your email will look on a mobile device right from the editor.

Ways to Use Email Marketing

Combined with our fan list and fan filtering capabilities, Email Marketing gives you the power to send personalized and relevant emails to your fans. Here are some ways you can use Email Marketing:

Send Out News Blasts

Keep your fans informed on what you're up to. You can use the Email Editor to compose your email, choose which fans to send it to, and send it right away.

Schedule Messages for Later

If you're on the road, you probably don't have much time to be writing too many emails to your fans. Plan ahead, and write them all before you hit the road, and schedule them to go out on specific dates.

Send out Recurring Messages

You can set your email to be sent at recurring intervals. For example, you could create an email thanking your fans for signing up for your mailing list. You can set it to be sent out every 30 days, and in the recipient section choose only fans that have signed up in the last 30 days. This will automatically be sent to all your fans that signed up for your mailing list in the last 30 days, and you only have to set it up once!

Send Automated Event Reminders

You can create a recurring email that will send out event details to fans in the area of your event. Simply choose how many days in advance you want the emails to go out, and we take care of the rest. For example, create an email with the subject "We're Coming To Your Area" and set your event reminder settings to go to fans that are within 30 miles of the zipcode of your event. Choose how many days in advance you want the email to be sent, and we will automatically send the email to fans in that area. Set it up once and you never have to worry about reminding your fans about your gigs again, and you don't have to annoy your fans in Austin when you're playing in Boston!

Email Your Fans about Promotions You're Running

When you set up product promotions, you can blast your fan base about them. Simply choose which promotion to include in the email, and we'll automatically include them in the email, and we'll even track who redeems your promotion from the email! That way you can track how effective your emails are at enticing fans to redeem.

Reward Fans for Attending Events

You can send emails only to fans that checked into specific events. The most popular use of this feature is to tell fans at the event that they'll get an exclusive live recording of the show if they check in. Record the show, and send it to all the fans that checked in to the show. You could also send just one free track from the recording with a follow up offer of 20% off the whole live recording.

Combine our Email tool, powerful fan list, product promotions, and more to create a meaningful relationship with your fans.