Create The Ultimate Facebook Store for Your Band

There are some really exciting developments here at Nimbit.  We have just enhanced our FREE storefronts for Facebook,, and websites with a new promotional feature page called Spotlight.

The Spotlight page enhances Nimbit Stores with:

  • featured product promotion
  • A video player for promo videos or personal messages to your fans
  • An audio player for your featured track or album
  • Custom header image and bio
  • Next gig notification
  • Fan Rewards, such as a free track for email
  • Social Sharing: fans can leave Comments, Like, and Share products to promote artists to their friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter
  • Tracks can be shared and listened to via a Facebook Ticker, Wall and Timeline Player
  • Seamless integration with the Nimbit store to allow sales of music, CDs, merch, and tickets without the need to send fans away from Facebook or to other applications
  • NEW! Now optimized for Facebook’s full-width Timeline view
  • NEW! Now drive fans to your store with our new Facebook Promo Tools

Spotlight Page Examples:

Vertical Horizon

The Spares Jim Allchin
Fairfax Fishtank Ensemble Barbara Kessler
Urban Assault Thisbe Vos Jane Bordeaux

Get Started!
The new Spotlight page is now available to users of any Nimbit plan, including NimbitFree. First install the Nimbit Store app on Facebook , and then log into your Nimbit account to get started.

Click here to Install Nimbit Spotlight on Facebook



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