Nimbit = Music

Many may not realize this but Nimbit is a company that not only empowers musicians, but it’s made up of some of the most kick ass musicians and industry people I’ve ever known.  While many “industry experts” are in a dire search to find the next cure-all for the music industry, we’re participating in it. Walking around the office today,  I took a poll of our employee’s musical endeavors. Here’s what I found:

Nimbit employees have collectively played in 55 bands, gigging over the last 25 years and recording on over 158 albums. And if that we not enough, 30% of Nimbit employees have gigged in the past week.

We’ve dealt with the struggles of building a fan base, and crossed the country in a van (which probably broke down) while on tour, spent years making jack shit for money, got ripped off, had success, dealt with shady record deals and high maintenance bandmates. Some of us have even been managers and run record labels. How can you understand what your customers want? Our answer is you have to walk around in their shoes for a couple decades.


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