Nimbit Store for Jango Internet Radio Now Available

Get free airplay on Jango internet radio

Here at Nimbit we want what’s best for our artists, and it’s rare that we get to introduce you to something as amazing as Jango Airplay for DIY music promotion.  Through our partnership with Jango, you can now have your Nimbit store embedded in your Jango profile, allowing you to benefit even more from the exposure you can get to millions of internet radio listeners.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could:

  • get your music played to people all around the world
  • have it mixed into online radio stations that are playing popular music similar to yours
  • gather information about who it is played to and how well it was received
  • see specifics about the people that like your music

That’s exactly what Jango Airplay does!  Nimbit artists get free access to this amazing service, and you can set all this up in a matter of minutes – get started now. Jango now incorporates your Nimbit store in their promotions to create “the most complete direct-to-fan marketing, sales and distribution system all in one place.”  This is truly everything you need to generate real results in today’s music business.

Jango Airplay is a powerful promotional tool for DIY artists and here’s why:

# 1 Exposure (the Smart Kind)

Jango plays your music to a very large and real audience – their online radio stations have 8 Million listeners – and you decide who hears your music. If your music is similar to Eminem, you get played to people who like Eminem. If you think your music does better with fans of Lady Antebellum, you direct your campaign to their fans. You can also target your promotion to specific states or countries. In a nutshell, you get exposure to the people who are most likely to become your fans.

# 2 Get New Fans

When your songs play on Jango Radio, your listeners are encouraged to interact with you.  They can like your music, become your fan, and also share their contact info.  Plan ahead by informing fans in a certain region about an upcoming gig, build up hype for a new album you just dropped, or simply add new fans to your mailing lists.

# 3 Reports and Insights

Jango gives you detailed, daily reports on the things you care about: plays, likes, fans, and more. These reports are not just data; they answer questions like “which song is most likely to be a hit?” or “does my music generate better response in California or New York?”

Jango Profile featuring Nimbit Store

A Jango Profile with an embedded Nimbit Store

#4 Capture and Monetize Fans

You can now capitalize on the exposure you get through airplay to the millions of fans on Jango internet radio with the new Nimbit Store for Jango.  When a fan discovers you on Jango and clicks through to your profile page, your Nimbit store will load, allowing you to sell music, merchandise, and e-tickets; capture fans with free downloads; and gain additional support with Nimbit’s in-cart Tip Jar.

To learn more about Jango or to get started, click here.


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