PledgeMusic Gives Fans More Ways to Support Artists with Nimbit-powered PledgeStore

Free storefront gives musicians the ability to continue generating support from fans after their PledgeMusic campaign has ended

New York, NY – October 20, 2011 – PledgeMusic, a leading international direct-to-fan platform for raising funds for musicians to record and tour, and Nimbit the premier fan commerce and promotion solution for the new music business, today announced the PledgeStore for the PledgeMusic Platform. This store, powered by Nimbit, has been designed to give PledgeMusic artists the ability to provide their fans with more music from their catalog and to generate additional funding after their PledgeMusic Campaign has ended.

PledgeStore Powered By Nimbit

The PledgeStore as seen on Firehorse's PledgeMusic Page

“This PledgeMusic & Nimbit partnership makes total sense and ultimately puts more power into the hands of the artists that we work with and their management teams.” Said Benji Rogers founder of PledgeMusic. “With direct experience of working with Nimbit stores for the artists on our label it was a no brainer to extend their power to artists across the platform. Together a PledgeMusic campaign into a Nimbit store offers the complete direct-to-fan solution.”

PledgeStore Features

  • Sell digital singles, digital albums, and eTickets
  • Flexible pricing:  fixed price, pay what you want, or reward fans with free tracks
  • Fans can easily promote and share music on Facebook and Twitter
  • Automatically appears as a tab on the artist’s PledgeMusic profile once their goal is reached

Fast & Free Setup

PledgeMusic artists can signup for the free PledgeStore, from right within their dashboard.  After providing basic information and uploading the music they wish to sell, their store will be ready to go.  As soon as artists reach their campaign goal the store will appear on their PledgeMusic page to provide fans with more ways to support the artist and access to more music by the artist.

Nimbit artists who are interested in launching a funding campaign can sign up for PledgeMusic here.

Additional Features

As part of the signup process, PledgeMusic artists will get a Free Nimbit account to administer their store.  This free account also provides additional features including:

  • Customizable storefronts for Facebook, and artist websites
  • Distributed Fan comments/reviews: a fan comment made on any Nimbit Store appears throughout all your Nimbit storefronts as well as a posting on Facebook Newsfeeds to all of the fan’s friends
  • Detailed sales and fan activity reporting and grouping, with fan mapping to understand geographical hot-spots
  • Integrated Next Big Sound reporting to monitor fans, followers, plays, views, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Wikipedia

About PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic was founded by musician Benji Rogers to give artists a DIY option for pursuing and augmenting their careers. The company was designed to be transparent and open, while benefiting artists and fans. Artists will get the funding and promotional support that they need, the fan will get the music and artist interaction that they want at the price that they want to pay, and charities who have scant fundraising resources will receive a percentage of the money raised.

For more information, please visit PledgeMusic media inquiries: Victoria Rierdan Hurley, Helicon Public Relations,, 310 993 1840.

About Nimbit

Nimbit is the industry’s premier fan commerce and promotion platform for today’s music business. Nimbit provides the easiest solution for self-managed artists, managers, and emerging labels to take their music direct to the fans that love them, and to give fans more ways to support their career.

To learn more about how Nimbit can help you succeed, we invite you to visit

Nimbit media inquiries please contact: Carl Jacobson or 603-661-2275.

PledgeMusic, PledgeStore, and the PledgeMusic Logo are trademarks of Limited. Nimbit is a registered trademark of Nimbit, Inc. Other trademarks mentioned are held by their respective owners.


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