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Can’t sell music without a music store, right? Right. Let’s take a look at how to set up your Nimbit store. In it, you can sell much more than just music, you can sell t-shirts, hats, tickets, signed vinyl, DVDs, or any custom piece of merch you can imagine. Sign into Nimbit and click the “Store” tab to get rolling. First, let’s look at the Spotlight.

Spotlight is composed of a few different pieces: the big handsome image that buyers will see at your stores, bio information, e-mail sign up, video, and featured product. Furthermore, Spotlight will include the most recent upcoming event from your Events calendar, and can even host a Facebook feed to succinctly capture all that buzz about how great your band is.

Checkout and Cart Settings allow you to configure the confirmation message received by purchasers. We recommend something along the lines of “Thank you.”

The Categories and Product Order section allows you to organize, add, remove, and categorize your products. This way, you can create categories for recordings, apparel, tickets, etc.

Themes and colors tab allows you to set up the look and feel of your store. You’re welcome to pick from one of our preset themes, or you can get into the real nitty-gritty and choose your own colors and fonts. This is also where you will configure your tip jar settings.

Scroll down to see the additional Nimbit Storefronts, with individual store instructions.

If you need a hand with this stuff at any time, click Help/Chat/Learn at the top of the interface and we will lend a hand ASAP.

For a breezy step by step on this entire process, check out this video.


2 thoughts on “Nimbit Store Setup


    And you can’t sell much music when the customers shopping cart is automatically emptied when they try to check out. This happens every time I try to buy something on your site (Stevie Silver CDs)

    1. Ryan Roullard Post author

      Hey there, this was due to a PayPal account verification issue that we have now fixed for you. Thanks for letting us know!


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