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Free storefront offers musicians and labels the easiest and best way to sell music, merchandise and etickets directly on Facebook

FOR RELEASE ON: September 22, 2011, BOSTON, MA – Nimbit Inc. (www.nimbit.com) the premier fan commerce solution for the new music business, today released the free MyStore for Facebook app, the absolute best way to sell music, merchandise, and etickets directly from a band/musician, fan club, or record label’s Facebook Page. The new MyStore for Facebook is available to users of any Nimbit plan, and is an integral component of the new NimbitFree direct-to-fan social commerce platform, also announced today.

Facebook MyStore image collage

MyStore for Facebook Features:

  • Have a store on your Facebook Page in minutes: free sign-up & fast set-up
  • Promote & sell directly within Facebook without sending fans to external websites
  • Sell digital music, CDs, merch, and etickets for shows
  • Flexible pricing: items can be set to a fixed price, name-your-price, or free to build your fanbase
  • Social sharing: fans can easily share products on Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Sharing music on Facebook embeds the new Nimbit Player on friends’ News Feeds
  • Fan comments/reviews made on MyStore appear throughout all your Nimbit storefronts as well as post to your fans’ Facebook walls.
  • Facebook-optimized layout with carousel for product browsing
  • Product images and info enlarge for detailed viewing
  • Streamlined cart, checkout, and personal receipts
  • HTML5-based for faster performance & iOS (iPhone / iPad) support

“Facebook is taking a huge leap forward as the premier destination where fans connect with artists, and it’s rapidly becoming the place where they want to buy from and support them too,” said Bob Cramer, Nimbit’s Chairman and CEO. “Nimbit’s new HTML5-based Store is so easy to set up and use, that now anyone can sell on Facebook directly to their fans.”

NimbitFree – Social Commerce Beyond Facebook
All signups for the new MyStore for Facebook receive a NimbitFree account. The new NimbitFree, also announced today, provides a centralized dashboard to manage all of your essential direct-to-fan sales and marketing activities. With this update, NimbitFree has been completely streamlined to make it even easier to use.

Additional NimbitFree Features:

  • Centralized, streamlined dashboard with everything at your fingertips
  • Customizable storefronts for Facebook, Nimbitmusic.com and your website (via Nimbit’s Instant Band Site plug-in for WordPress)
  • Simplified product set-up and a new uploader to get your products online in minutes
  • Capture fans with every sale or free download
  • Analytics: detailed sales and fan activity reporting and grouping, with fan mapping to understand geographical hot-spots
  • Integrated Next Big Sound reporting to monitor your fans, followers, plays, views, and comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Wikipedia
  • In-line help and connection with Nimbit’s GetSatisfaction community

Free Signup and Fast Setup
Musicians, managers, and labels can click the following link to sign up and install the free Nimbit MyStore for Facebook on their Facebook Band/Musician or Record Label Page. After installing the MyStore application and providing some basic information, they will simply need to upload one song, and their store will be ready to go.

Existing Nimbit users simply need to enter their user name and password, and their new MyStore will be available on Facebook. Users of Nimbit’s previous MyStore for Facebook have been automatically updated to the new version.

Learn more about Nimbit’s MyStore for Facebook .

Learn more about the NimbitFree direct-to-fan platform.


Tip: Change Your Nimbit Store Name to Maximize Sales on Facebook

Nimbit Store is the absolute best way for musicians to sell their music and merchandise on Facebook, but having a store online isn’t enough. It is really important to do whatever you can to drive traffic towards it. One of the first and easiest things you can do is change the name of your Nimbit Store to entice more fans to check it out.

By default the name of your Nimbit Store for Facebook will be ‘Official Store’, but it doesn’t have to be. Changing the name may help clarify what your fans can expect to find, thereby increasing the likelihood of them visiting it. You can change the name of your Nimbit Store to anything you want, in fact we encourage you to do it to make the store more fit the feel of your band.

It’s easy, all you have to do is:

1. Go to the ‘edit info’ page and click on the ‘apps’ tab.

2. On your apps page scroll down to the Nimbit MyStore app and click ‘edit settings’

3. A window will pop-up that will allow you to type in whatever you want to call your Nimbit Store.

4. Type in the name you want, click ‘save,’ then ‘Okay.’ Voilà! The name of your Nimbit Store tab will have changed.

Leaving the default Nimbit Store name may not be the best way to drive traffic toward your store. There are a lot of different things you could call it that may work better. You may want to change the name to ‘Free Tracks’ if you are offering free downloads or you could make it: ‘Get [title of your latest release]“. You could even simply call your Nimbit Store ‘Music & Merch’ so fans know they can get more than just music there. The important thing is that you do whatever you can to increase peoples’ desire to click on it.

Getting Started
New Nimbit? Or don’t have the Nimbit Store installed on Facebook? NO PROBLEM. Click here to install Nimbit Store for Facebook, it’s FREE. If you need a Nimbit account you can sign up when you install the store.  It just takes a few minutes and you’ll be sharing and selling your music to your fans.


Tip: New Feature: Sharing Your Music on Facebook

So you’ve got the lovely new Nimbit Store set up on your Facebook page, and now you’re wondering how to start driving traffic toward it?

NEW Feature: Facebook Wall Player

Did you know that on your Facebook Nimbit Store there is a share option next to each track that will broadcast a player with a preview of the song on the walls of all of your Facebook fans or Tweet a link to your store to your fans via Twitter? There’s also a share feature next to the title of the album.








When you click on either of these share options a window will pop up. From that window you can choose to either ‘Like’ the link, tweet about it, or you can copy the link in order to paste it anywhere you want. After you’ve clicked the ‘like’ button you will be given the option to add a comment to your post when you hold your curser over the button.







When you share an individual track a music player will be added to the comment automatically so fans can listen to the track before they click on the link.





Don’t Just Share Your Store
Just because you have shared a link on your wall doesn’t mean that your fans are going to check it out. Make it interesting by writing something personal.

Here are some ideas:

  • Let fans know about the availability of some new music or merch
  • Ask fans to comment on your new song, or their favorite album or piece of merch
  • Give fans some incentive by offering a limited-time free download
  • Even something as simple as “Check out my cool new store” will increase people’s likelihood to check your store out, over just the link alone

Get Fans Involved
Once you have shared the link to your Facebook Nimbit Store page on all of your own social outlets, ask your fans to do the same. They love your music, right? Many of them will be happy to share your link with their friends on Facebook or Twitter.

IMPORTANT – If a fan does this, say “thank you” and let them know you appreciate it. Giving a fan a shoutout can totally make their day. You might even try to reward the ones who do share your music, remember active fans are your most valuable source of promotion.

Let’s Get Started
Getting started is easy and free.  Already have the Nimbit Store installed on Facebook?  GREAT! The new features are there, just visit your page and start sharing.

New Nimbit? Or don’t have the Nimbit Store installed on Facebook? NO PROBLEM.  Click here to install Nimbit Store for Facebook, if you need a Nimbit account you can sign up when you instal the store.  It just takes a few minutes and you’ll be sharing and selling your music to your fans.


Tony T Shows How Easy It Is To Sell eTickets on Facebook

With a show coming up at the House of Blues, Nimbit user Tony T decided to use the Nimbit MyStore for Facebook to sell his tickets. Not only did he make a video to promote the show, but he ends it with a great how-to buy tickets using the MyStore App. Walking his fans through every step, Tony shows just how easily and quickly you can sell tickets using Nimbit’s MyStore (starts around the 1:43 mark).

Watch the video above to see how easy it is. And if you’re in the LA area, head over to Tony T’s Facebook Page and get tickets for his show.


Facebook Marketing Tips For Entertainment Brands

In a recent article by Mashable.com, they gave readers some awesome Marketing Tips for Entertainment Brands.

1. Use Questions, Polls and Quizzes to Engage Your Community
2. Reward Your Fans
3. Let Fans Behind-the-Scenes
4. Use a Facebook Storefront to Turn Fans into Buyers

As you can imagine, because of Nimbit’s popular Mystore for Facebook, Mashable included mention of Nimbit on tip #4 and quoted our very own, Carl Jacobson.

“We’ve found that musicians who use Facebook to launch their releases can benefit greatly from the viral nature of the sharing that goes on,” says Carl Jacobson, VP of marketing at Nimbit. “Fans become promoters, and we’ve seen some artists more than double their expected sales as a result.”

The entire article has some great advice, check out 4 Facebook Marketing Tips For Entertainment Brands on Mashable’s website.


A Note from Bob Cramer: Major Update for All Nimbit Artists

Dear Nimbit Artists,

I’m writing to tell you about a major update to the Nimbit platform that we released today. The holiday season is coming fast and we’ve been working on an update to ensure that your fans have the best shopping experience possible. We’ve also been working hard to optimize our core technologies and provide you with the best direct-to-fan platform possible. Today, I’m happy to introduce you to the fruits of that labor.

New MyStore – Music Page

New MyStore – Merch Page

New MyStore – Your Cart

New MyStore – Checkout

New MyStore™, Streamlined Checkout, iPhone Access
With today’s update, we’re introducing new faster-loading storefronts that offer a new streamlined customer cart and check out, and are also now accessible from iPhones and other non-flash environments. Today’s MyStore update has already been implemented on any artist site that uses our Instant Band Site plug-in for WordPress.

Your New NimbitMusic.com StoreFront Page Is Now Live
We have also taken this new storefront technology to create a brand new store for you to sell your music, merch and tickets online at Nimbitmusic.com Nimbit’s new fan discovery site. If you have products set up in your Nimbit account, you’ll automatically see them available for sale here. This is being made available to you at no extra charge as part of your Nimbit account.

Please Spread the Word About Your New Store
We’d appreciate your help in getting the word out about your new store at Nimbitmusic.com. You’ll notice at the top of each page there are “Tweet This” and Facebook “Like” Buttons. Please spread the word to your fans.

Updated Storefronts for Facebook, NimbitSkin, Other Websites
In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating the MyStore for your Facebook Fan Page and custom NimbitSkin with this improved checkout and some speed enhancements. We’ll also be providing embed codes from the Nimbit Dashboard so you can place these new HTML5 storefronts on other websites.

A Dash That Really Dashes
This time of year, it’s critical to keep in touch with your fans. We’ve optimized all of our messaging tools to load and work faster, so you can save time in creating and sending out your emails, Facebook updates and tweets.

And if you haven’t checked out your sales results, fan signups, or the results of a recent marketing or promo campaign, there is no better time than today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that your reports will load faster than ever.

Thank You
All of these updates to the Nimbit storefronts and platform came from suggestions from users like you. Thank you for helping us help you; we need that real world feedback. If you have more ideas of how we can make the Nimbit Direct-To-Fan platform even better, log into the Nimbit Dashboard and click “suggestions” in the upper right hand corner.

Thank you again for being a Nimbit Artist. Best wishes this holiday season.


Bob Cramer

P.S. Tom asked me to tell you that if you’re planning on manufacturing CDs for the holiday season, get your orders in soon. Any order received by the end of November will be ready by December 20th, just in time for Christmas. Check out Nimbit’s Production services.


Nimbit Maximizes Artist Sales with Direct-to-Fan Platform Upgrade

Nimbit Maximizes Artist Music Sales This Holiday Season with Direct-to-Fan Platform Upgrade

User requests spur new HTML5 MyStore, Improved Customer Checkout, Accessibility on iPhones & Non-Flash Environments, More Responsive Dash & Messaging Tools

BOSTON, MA—November 18, 2010—Nimbit Inc. (www.nimbit.com), the industry’s premier direct-to-fan marketing and sales solution for today’s music business, today issued a major update to the Nimbit direct-to-fan platform with more updates planned in the coming weeks.

“We pushed this release forward to make sure that fans would thoroughly enjoy their holiday shopping experience, and that artists would get the most out of their promotions during this busy time of year.” said Phil Antoniades, Nimbit Co-Founder and President.

A Leaner, Cleaner, More Accessible MyStore
At the center of today’s update is the introduction of significantly faster HTML5 based MyStore storefronts, which also now allow access from non-Flash environments such as the iPhone.  Nimbit based the functionality of the new MyStore on their industry-leading MyStore for Facebook, but improved the customer experience by decreasing load times, streamlining the checkout process, and giving the storefronts an overall facelift.  In particular, fans can now access free promotional tracks with a frictionless one-step checkout.

Instant Gratification at Nimbitmusic.com
Beginning today, all Nimbit artists now have new storefront pages located at www.nimbitmusic.com.  These pages have been introduced to quickly provide artists with full-featured storefronts where they can point their fans, without the need to embed widgets or build a separate website.  Once an artist completes the Nimbit sign-up process and adds a product to their catalog, the storefront page is instantly generated. Artists can access a direct link to their new nimbitmusic.com storefront in their Nimbit dashboard.

New MyStore for WordPress & Embeddable MyStore for Websites
Any artist website built using Nimbit’s free Instant Band Site plug-in for WordPress will now feature the newly enhanced MyStore storefronts. Instant Band Site seamlessly links a Nimbit account to a WordPress website, allowing for fast and easy maintenance and creation of a full featured website with everything fans expect from an artist’s home base on the web.  In addition, for artists not using WordPress, the new MyStore is embeddable via HTML on other websites and blogs.  Artists can access the embed tags right from within their Nimbit Dashboard.

Facebook & NimbitSkin Updates On Deck
Today’s update introduced new MyStore pages for Instant Band Site and Nimbitmusic.com.  Nimbit will be similarly enhancing MyStore for Facebook and custom NimbitSkin storefronts in the coming weeks.

A More Nimble Nimbit– Faster Dashboard & Messaging Tools
Another change from today’s update will be immediately evident to Nimbit artists in the speed and responsiveness of their online Nimbit Dashboard.  Fan and sales reporting and analytics now generate faster than ever, and the messaging tools have been optimized to reduce the time required to generate and send email, Facebook, and Twitter campaigns.  Nimbit reports that access to messaging tools and reporting load times have been improved by a factor of 10.

The Nimbit Dashboard and Messaging enhancements, and new HTML5 storefronts introduced today are the result of focused optimization work on Nimbit’s underlying technology, and have laid the groundwork for a series of dramatic new developments planned for the coming months.

“We’ve always provided the best-featured direct-to-fan platform for our artists, but frankly speaking, our Achilles heel has been the responsiveness of some aspects of the Nimbit Dashboard and load times for our storefronts,” commented Patrick Faucher, Nimbit’s Co-founder and CTO. “With these new optimizations, Nimbit artists, as well as their fans will feel the immediate benefit.”

New Nimbit MyStore & Updated Messaging Tools Available Now
Artists, managers, and labels interested in getting their own MyStore and taking advantage of all the benefits offered by the Nimbit platform can sign up today at http://www.nimbit.com/plans-pricing/?PR.  MyStore storefronts for NimbitMusic.com, WordPress, and Facebook are available through all Nimbit plans, including NimbitFree.  Nimbit’s enhanced fan capture, marketing, and messaging tools are available to artists who subscribe to NimbitIndie or NimbitPro, pricing starts at $12.95/month.

About Nimbit
Nimbit is the industry’s premier direct-to-fan platform for today’s music business. Nimbit provides the easiest solution for self-managed artists, managers, and emerging labels to take your music direct to the fans that love you, and to give fans more ways to support your career.

From our CEO down through development, sales, marketing, and support— nearly every employee of Nimbit is also a musician.  We understand your needs and it’s our passion to help you take care of the hard stuff.  That way you can focus on what’s important—your music and your fans.

Here are just a few ways Nimbit will help you succeed:

  • Kick Ass Direct-to-Fan Storefronts – The easiest way to sell, play, and promote music on Facebook, your Band Website, Myspace and other social networks and websites.
  • Connect with Fans – Powerful tools for messaging your fans and turning them into customers and promoters.
  • Zero Commission Digital Distribution – The most cost-effective way to provide your music to millions of fans on iTunes (and Ping), Amazon, Rhapsody and other online retailers.
  • NEW Instant Band Site – The fastest way to create a complete, custom website for your band including a professional storefront, gig calendar, blog, and more
  • We’ve Got Your Back – No-nonsense services for credit card processing, warehousing, and fulfillment of orders for physical and digital merchandise like downloads, eTickets, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, and more.

To learn more about how Nimbit can help you succeed, we invite you to visit www.nimbit.com.

Contact:  Carl Jacobson

press@nimbit.com or 508.663.4244

Nimbit, NimbitFree, NimbitIndie, NimbitPro, MyStore, and Instant Band Site are trademarks of Nimbit, Inc. Other trademarks mentioned are held by their respective owners.


Case Study: London Symphony Orchestra

Nimbit Case Study: London Symphony Orchestra
Started with Nimbit: 2009
Nimbit Applications Used: MyStore for Facebook

Bio: The London Symphony Orchestra is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading orchestras.  Over a century after it was formed, the LSO still attracts the best players, many of whom also have flourishing solo and chamber music careers. The LSO also draws on an enviable roster of soloists and conductors, starting with Principal Conductor Valery Gergiev, LSO President Sir Colin Davis, and Daniel Harding and Michael Tilson Thomas as Principal Guest Conductors.

Continuing the orchestra’s long association with film music, the LSO has recently recorded soundtracks for “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” The orchestra also features on radio, TV, computer games and in-flight music programs.

Goal: Increase presence and awareness while while providing an opportunity to purchase and listen to recordings from their own, in-house record label, LSO Live.

Strategy: Utilize Nimbit’s MyStore for Facebook application to provide an interactive, compelling opportunity to engage with fans.  Create reasons to look, vote, comment, check back, listen, and purchase.

The LSO Facebook page offers fans the opportunity to choose which recordings are made available on their Nimbit MyStore.

Results:   “Years ago, it was relatively simple, you placed a CD in the shop, and that was the consumer choice,” explains Gavin Bayliss, LSO Product Manager.  “But the digital revolution has opened up more channels — so we can choose more options, give the consumer multiple choices, and the Nimbit MyStore on Facebook is definitely part of that.  We’ve found over 10,000 new fans there.”  To generate that number of fans in a fairly short time is quite remarkable.

Sales through Facebook are growing, and the number of fans is increasing quite rapidly which is a very strong sign.  “It’s another growing audience,” says Bayliss, “with meaningful interactions, where they don’t have to leave the site to experience the music.”

It’s a clear and important step to let fans consume content on their own terms in an environment they are already comfortable and familiar with.”


Case Study: Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Started with Nimbit: 2009

Background: Formed in 1983, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are often credited with the creation of the ska-core genre, a form of music that mixes elements of third wave ska and hardcore punk. The band released seven full-length albums, three EPs and a live album while touring continuously before their announcement of a hiatus in December 2003. They reunited in the fall of 2007 and performed at Cambridge’s Middle East club.

At the beginning of this project, the Bosstones had no fan database, an inactive (fan run) Facebook page, and had not released an album in seven years.

Campaign Goals:

  • Recapture fans and build contact database
  • Sell 500 VIP ticket bundles
  • Market new album release to U.S. fanbase, sell 10,000 units
  • Create a basis for future touring, merchandising, and promotion
  • Sell out venue for Hometown Throwdown concert series


Step 1 – (re)Engage Fans: Create multiple entry points for fans to receive free MMB tracks in exchange for offering new/updated contact info.  Provide opportunity to join “VIP” list with exclusive access to pre-sale Hometown Throwdown tickets.

Step 2 – Reasons to buy: Place pre-sale bundles (including tickets and merch) in VIP-only storefront on MMB’s new website.  Bundles have multiple offers/price points:  single ticket, ticket plus CD & vinyl, ticket to 3 shows plus CD & vinyl, t-shirt plus CD & vinyl.


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CD Release Tips II: Buzz, Promotion, and Bruce Springsteen

You’re planning a new release!
That’s great – we’ve got a few suggestions…
This is a very busy time of year for everyone that makes and sells music.  We’d like to offer a few small tips to make the process smooth sailing …

Create some BUZZ:
No doubt you’re excited about your new album, but is everyone else?  If you create the excitement, and build anticipation, your new tracks are sure to find a home in the hands and hearts of the music purchasing public.  A couple ideas:

Megaphone1.  Send/stream pre-release samples to your superfans. Create a special “members-only” mailing with the tracks.  Ask them to buzz about it on their Twitter, Facebook, and anyplace they can!

2.  Get promo copies into the hands of influencers: That radio guy you met at a club, the music critic for your local paper, the dude who chooses the music to play at the local record store.

3.  Facebook! With Nimbit’s MyStore for Facebook, you can offer a free download from your upcoming release right on your Facebook fan page.  Tease a little, sell a LOT!

Pre-sell your album!
Pre-selling your album allows fans a chance to get your new release before it comes out.  Nimbit recommends offering the pre-sell album at a special (lower) rate or including a special “bonus” item for all pre-sell orders.  Here’re a few examples: record album

1.  Purchase “My New Album” before it comes out and get a special download card with a live recording from my gig at “Wicked Cool Venue.”

2.  Purchase “My New Album” before it comes out and you’ll get a limited edition “My Amazing Band” t-shirt all for $25.

3.  Purchase “My New Album” before it comes out and you’ll get on the guest list for my next gig at “Wicked Cool Venue.”

Get reviewed!
press hatObviously you think your new album is the best thing since sliced bread.  But what do other people think?  Sneak a few copies to folks who can write reviews that will help shape opinions and motivate people to purchase. It was one amazing review that launched a guy named Bruce Springsteen, and the rest is history…
We hope you find these BizTips useful.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might find them interesting.  Share links are at the bottom of this message. Best wishes from everyone at Nimbit for a happy and healthy holiday season! Sincerely, Your Artist Advocates
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