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SXSW Recap: Days 3-5

The hurricane that is SXSW intensifies ’round about Thursday, reaches full strength by Friday, and sends most hipsters running for the safe harbor by Saturday.  This was exactly what happened to Nimbit.  Our new website launched on Wednesday, and when we hit SXSW, lots of people were quite excited to see us.  We really were overwhelmed by the response.

Our product demos had wait lists, our wait lists had wait lists, and the folks showing up for demos were not “just” musicians, but some of the most impressive figures in the music industry.  It was truly a sight to behold.

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SXSW Recap: Day 2 …

The beauty of being at SXSW on the second day is that you have the ability to wake up in the same place you started at the day before.  Admittedly, you’re still working on a couple hours of sleep, waking up with a hangover, and repeating the cycle, but at least there’s no airports and TSA searches involved.

Nimbit devoured Austin.  Our product demos were filled to over capacity, new partnerships were formed, and deals were signed with major players including [CAN"T DISCLOSE HERE - SUPER TOP SECRET - PEOPLE WILL BE AMAZED] and we ate some amazing chili.   For anyone interested, THE place to go for authentic Texas chili is the Texas Chili Parlor.  But the chili was just slightly less amazing and awe-inspring than the showcases we attended:  Suzanne Vega, Chase Coy, Ozomatli, and about 17 other bands.  We made sure to hit the Dirty Dog for ASCAP’s showcase, and a few Lone Stars later, we ended up at stumbling down 6th Street like the music professionals we are.

More to come, more to schmooze ….

Nimbit Tally (updated 3/17):

Beers:  16
Maragaritas:  7
Single Malt Scotch:  5
Jager Bombs:  1


Music Monday!

Twitter folks are quite familiar with #musicmonday, but we thought we’d take it a little step further by stepping beyond the 140 character limit. Here’re a couple Nimbit artists of note, all appropriately linked for your listening and purchasing pleasure:

Livingston Taylor
Livingston’s been at it for over 40 years, and he keeps getting better.  His new album “Last Alaska Moon” is currently on sale, and just in time for the holidays, he’s got two free Christmas tunes available on his website.

Alphabet Rockers
Hip hop for the kiddies!  Alphabet Rockers was created by children’s music production company School Time Music in 2007 in San Francisco, CA. Harvard graduate and professional singer Kaitlin McGaw and 4 Non Blondes drummer/author/music teacher Dawn Richardson joined together to create Alphabet Rockers. Their goal was to produce high-quality, cutting-edge music for a shared learning entertainment experience for kids, family, and teachers.

And here’re a few of our newest artists.  They’re just getting started, but we’re expecting great things:   Suzanne Vega, The Nails, Spirit Kid .

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