Top-5 Tweaks to Rock Your Facebook Timeline for Musicians

Facebook finally made the shift to Timeline for Band/Musician pages. Have you checked your page out yet?

We think that this is an awesome opportunity for you to freshen up your image on Facebook and give you a chance to re-engage with your fans. 

But before you send a message out asking everyone to check out your new Facebook page, there are a few things you’ll want to do to make it look as rocking as possible.

Here’s our checklist: 

1. Install the Nimbit Store on your Facebook page (if you haven’t already). 

2. Make sure your apps are arranged so the important ones, like your store, are viewable on your page. You should also switch the app image to something more compelling than the company’s logo. (Free images here). 

3. Make sure you have a compelling header image loaded; the full size you can use is 851 x 315. 

4. Take an important status update that you want everyone to see and pin it to the top.  Our suggestion: share a free track on Facebook using our new Promo Tool, then pin the status update it generates to the top…everyone likes free tracks. 

5. Scan through your Timeline and freshen it up. Star any nicer images or videos so they appear full-width on the page. Add some significant milestones either for the band or individual members. Adding dates to images will organize them chronologically on the timeline. Also, tagging anyone you know from the audience in live pictures is a great way to increase your page traffic.   

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Optimizing Your Timeline Page (and more)

We gave a talk at SXSW about Best Practices on Facebook for Musicians that walks you through the 5 page tweaks above and much more.

In this presentation, we also share the three types of status updates to keep fans engaged, how to convert fans at gigs into Facebook fans, how to get started with Facebook advertising, and much more.  Click here to view How To Win & Engage Fans on Facebook from SXSW.


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