Using Promotional Text Codes

What’s the secret word? Well, what it is is up to you, and ultimately less important than what you do with it. Nimbit allows you to generate promo codes and link them to one of your promotions—we like the “Free track with follow-up discount” offer. Once you get your promo code as illustrated in the video herein, you can place it on printed cards, concert posters, t-shirts, and name-drop it in e-mails, onstage, and in radio interviews

I recommend a big ol’ stencil of the promo code is on your kick drum, but that’s just me.

Keep it short and simple. “Love” is easier to remember and spell than than “HyP07h@L@mu5”

Radio call letters: if you’re doing a radio interview, make the promo code the radio’s call letters. They are required to state it several times per day, so why not leverage that to help your promo?

Stay loose: You can change your promo at any time, so keep the description vague without changing the promo code word.


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